Amazon Rainforest Peru

Amazon Rainforest Peru
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The Amazon rainforest Peru is one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions. It covers more than half of Peru and accounts for thirteen percent of the total Amazon rainforest and seven percent of the rainforest left on the planet.

The Peru rain forest contains thousands of plants and animals that are not founds anywhere else in the world. Tourism is a way for Peru to create wealth without sacrificing one of its greatest natural resources and something that is unique and beneficial to the entire world.

Amazon Rainforest Peru
About Peru History © Matthew Romack

In the Amazon rainforest Peru has established a series of national parks and wildlife preserves to combat the threats from deforestation. The government is committed to preserving the Peru amazon jungle for future generations of its own people and the entire world. Hopefully the amazonas region will always be there for people to enjoy its beauty and as a home for creatures that live no where else.

Amazon Rainforest Peru
About Peru History © D.Raiser

The Peru jungle is located to the east of the mountainous Andean zone. The entire Amazon basin does not follow any national borders, covering a huge area of more than 2.5 million miles in South America. It is estimated to contain more than 400 types of mammals, 1,700 types of animals and 50,000 different types of plants. The residents of Peru recognize that the beauty and uniqueness of the amazonas region make it one of their biggest asset for tourism. Bringing in tourist dollars is a renewable source of income as opposed to logging which destroys the natural environment and is a one time benefit.

Amazon Rainforest Video

Fancy a ride through the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest? Watch this video and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Manu National Park

Manu National Park is a popular destination in the Amazon rainforest Peru. It is made up of three sections: the Manu National Park, the Manu Reserved Zone, and the Manu Cultural Zone. The National Park focuses on preserving the natural plants that grow in the rainforest. The Reserved Zone is the area designed for ecotourism.

Amazon Rainforest Peru

This area is kept as unaltered as possible so that visitors can see the Peru rain forest in its natural state. The Cultural Zone is designed to protect the animal species of the forest. When planning your visit, you should focus on the Reserved Zone. There you will see the true Peru jungle with the least amount of human intervention.
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Amazon Rainforest Peru Climate

It is important that you take time to learn about the climate of Peru before you plan your trip, especially if you are headed to the rainforest. The dry season lasts from May to September when it gives way to the wet season that runs constantly from November to April. The rains are relentless and can cause major delays in travel through the Peru Amazon Jungle. It will also limit your opportunities to get out and see the forest.

Amazon Rainforest Peru
Therefore it is highly recommended that you plan to visit during the dry season. With its focus on tourism, there are plenty of hotels and lodges to choose from. Most have a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. From your lodgings you can take a variety of day trips into the Amazon rainforest Peru to see the wonders it contains.