San Isidro Peru

San Isidro Peru is one of the 43 districts of the Capital Lima, it has a huge amount of green areas. The Olivar Park has several olive trees planted for more than four centuries and was declared a National Monument in 1959.

San Isidro is a major financial quarter, you can see that many banks and businesses have set up their offices in modern building blocks.

There are more than 30 embassies, 20 banks, 15 Catholic Churches, synagogues and temples of other religions in San Isidro, you can tell is a nice area. There are important sites and social clubs such as the Lima Golf Club and Real Club de Lima, among others. San Isidro Peru is one of the most modern and beautiful Lima Districts.

San Isidro, in addition to financial and commercial center of Lima, has a great cultural activity, with several theaters, art galleries, libraries and houses of culture.

San Isidro History Brief

San Isidro PeruDuring colonial times, the region was awarded to Mr Nicolás de Rivera, ‘El Mozo’, founder of the City of Kings. In 1560, Don Antonio de Rivera, Attorney General, brought the first olive trees that gave rise to the ‘Bosque del Olivar’ Park. In 1920, the development project started.

It was the sculptor Manuel Piqueras CotolĂ­, who wanted to achieve a quaint neighborhood and certainly some unity of architectural appearance and character.

Currently, San Isidro has become one of the strongest districts, but despite that characterizes modernity, still important legacies of the colonial and indigenous culture, combined with the finest architectural designs, make it one of the most beautiful, traditional and historic districts of Lima.

San Isidro Peru is a district that currently unites tradition, modernity and progress. Its large urban residential development, multifamily buildings, shopping – financial centers and architecture give a special personality and feel to the city.

Places to Visit in San Isidro Peru

El Olivar

The most valuable asset of San Isidro is ‘El Olivar Park’, it stands out among the parks of the city and is a living memory of the history of Lima. El Olivar was declared a National Monument by Supreme Resolution in December 16, 1959. This beautiful place is the most representative of San Isidro.

Basilica de la Virgen del Pilar

The Basilica of the Virgen del Pilar was built in 1948. The altar of the Basilica del Pilar is a beautiful work of Baroque 15 meters high and 9.50 meters wide, carved in wood. The Basilica of the Virgin of Pilar is located at the intersection of Avenida Camino Real and Avenida Paz Soldan, one block from the Olivar.

Casa Hacienda Moreyra

Moreyra house is a beutiful residence of San Isidro and is equipped with a majestic chapel, a basement and some catacombs. It was built during colonial times about 300 years ago, today, the residence is used, with much of its original furniture, as a large restaurant and tourist attraction. While touring the residence, reviews of the home can show it’s beauty. Home advisor reviews could upgrade the home but it is just as beautiful in its unchanged state.

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Lima Main Districts

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San Isidro
San Isidro Peru is one of the most beautiful, traditional and historic districts of Lima., it has a huge amount of green areas. The Olivar Park has several olive trees planted for more than four centuries and was declared a National Monument in 1959.

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