Why 6×9 speakers are a good choice for your car

Any car owner who appreciates good sound quality will soon or later look into upgrading their car audio. After all, car manufacturers usually don’t know much about good audio, even if they make superb vehicles. Factory car speakers aren’t known for their quality.

There are many types of car speakers you can choose to install in your car. Other than speakers, there are also other audio components such as tweeters, amplifiers, woofers, or subwoofers. Car audio is surprisingly complicated and can be daunting for someone who isn’t knowledgable about the topic. However, 6×9 component speakers are considered universally the best for most listeners.

6×9 component speakers provide an all-in-one solution to most audio problems. They sound great at most frequencies. Their width means that they can produce relatively a lot of bass when compared to other component speakers meaning that with quality 6×9 speakers you won’t need to install a subwoofer. They come in three different types: single, 2-way, and 3-way. 2-way means that the speaker is equipped with a small tweeter that makes the mid to high frequency sounds sound clearer. The 3-way has two tweeters of different rangers that also take care of the highest frequency sounds. A 6×9 component speaker, especially one with additional tweeters, provides solid sounds throughout the whole audio spectrum.

When buying 6×9 component speakers, remember that although 6×9 part refers to the size, the exact measurements differ depending on the maker. They will always be roughly around 6×9 inches but it is always better to check and measure by yourself what size exactly will fit in your car.

Best 6×9 component speakers

JBL Club 9600C

These 2-way component speakers provide the sound quality you would expect from any JBL speakers. You will be able to achieve clearer sounds than any factory speaker with no need for additional components such as amplifiers. The tweeters are ¾ inch with a great sound balance. The cones themselves are made with UV-resistant material that makes the JBL Club 9600C speakers a solid and sturdy choice.

JL Audio C1-690

Another 2-way component speaker that will easily fit in most factory speakers frames thanks to the adapter that comes with it. The aluminum tweeter is excellent at enhancing the high-frequency sounds and the JL Audio knowledge really shines through when you hear how good the bass is. The JL Audio C1-690 has a lot of power to produce loud sounds with no distortion.

Infinity REF9630CX

This is a superb choice if you have a limited budget. Again, this 2-way 6z9 component speaker sounds great at most mid ranges although some say that it slightly lacks in the bass department. Still, there is no doubt that it will still sound much better than any factory speaker.

A 6×9 component speaker is a great choice if you are only looking to replace one part of your car audio system without the hassle of replacing all of it. It saves not only time but also money. A great quality 6×9 component speaker will still cost less than a whole system replacement.